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Lutron® Venetian Blinds with Intelligent Tilt Alignment™

Lutron Blinds feature Intelligent Tilt Alignment™. Venetian blinds are an attractive and effective way to ensure privacy while still allowing daylight to filter into a space. Intelligent Tilt Alignment maintains uniform tilt and lift positions across blinds and combines smooth, quiet motion with independent control of lift and tilt. Lutron Venetian blinds feature presets to recall a predetermined position and tilt for the ultimate in performance and style. Control options include seeTouch® QS keypads, IR remote controls, and GRAFIK Eye® QS.

System Features:

  1. Independent control adjusts height of blinds and provides access to a window without affecting tilt
  2. Tilt position between adjacent shades will remain within 1/16th of an inch
  3. Blinds feature Intelligent Hembar Alignment™, a hallmark of all Lutron shading systems, which maintains hembar position within 1/8th of an inch at all times
  4. Blinds go to a pre-determined height and tilt angle when a preset is recalled
  5. Multiple presets can be defined for the same blind or group of blinds
  6. Venetian blind controls offer tilt adjustment buttons for precise positioning
  7. Range of tilt can be adjusted from full tilt in either direction down to a fixed tilt angle

Lutron Venetian blinds are available to be controlled by the following Lutron Sivoia system technologies: Sivoia® QS, or Sivoia® QS Wireless.

Custom Motorized Blinds Featuring Lutron® Technology

Custom Lift and Tilt Motorized Blinds <i>Featuring Lutron® TechnologyIntegration in Motion was one the first companies to introduce a Sivoia® Wood Blind featuring Lutron Technology to the market. In many ways Integration in Motion has been leading the industry over the past several years with it's new and innovative manufactured products. Our research and development efforts have made way for such products as the Sivoia Silhouette, Sivoia Roman Shade, and many more.

The Sivoia system is a motorized tilt and motorized lift system. It is available in aluminum, wood and faux wood blinds. Each blind can be controlled individually, as sub groups, and all at once. Slat sizes are available in 1", 2", 2.5" and 3". Many standard painted and stain colors are available, or we can custom color to match any chip you would provide (additional charges would apply). In addition to selecting from our brand of blinds, you may specify which manufacturer's blinds you would like us to use in the motorization process or send us your own blinds for us to install our motorized system.

Our Custom Motorized Blinds Featuring Lutron® Technology are available to be controlled by any of the Lutron Sivoia system technologies: Sivoia® QED, Sivoia® QS, or Sivoia® QS Wireless.


Please view this video for further details about our Custom Motorized Blinds Featuring Lutron® Technology...

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