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Lutron® Roman Shades with CERUS™ Safety Technology

Lutron Roman Shades, bathroom application.

Lutron has revolutionized the design of Roman shades by introducing CERUS (Cord-Eliminating Roman Uptake System) safety technology. This patent-pending innovation replaces the cords of traditional Roman shades with sheer uptake bands. This design creates a safer shade by eliminating exposed inner cords that may pose a strangulation hazard to small children. The uptake bands also improve reliability, by removing the possibility of cords tangling, and performance, by providing a quieter system with smoother, more even travel of the shade. Lutron Roman shades are available in a variety of soft fabrics and woven woods, or clients can opt to use COM (Customerís Own Material) for a custom installation.

Lutron Roman shades are available to be controlled by any of the Lutron Sivoia system technologies: Sivoia® QED, Sivoia® QS, or Sivoia® QS Wireless.

Lutron® Innovation

About CERUS™ safety technology. Eliminating cords from the traditional construction of Roman shades has four major advantages.


With the elimination of cords, the Roman shade will never become tangled, ensuring the shade will work perfectly every time.

Improved performance

CERUS also allows for a smoother, more even travel of the shade, since a cord is not stacking and slipping as it rolls.


Lifting cords slip and stack as the shade rolls, creating a noticeable noise that can be amplified if the cords become entangled. By replacing these cords with CERUS bands, these issues are eliminated, allowing your near-silent electronic drive unit (38 dBA at 3 ft.) to maintain quiet operation as to not disrupt a space.


CERUS safety technology allows for a safer Roman shade system by utilizing uptake bands in place of exposed inner cords. Inner cords may pose a strangulation hazard to small children.

Lutron Roman Shades Cerus Example 1

CERUS bands are color coordinated to virtually disappear against Roman shade linings when viewed from outside a home.

Lutron Roman Shades Cerus Example 2

CERUS bands are light-permeable and have been paired to each woven wood and lining to minimize disruption of light through the material.

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