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Lutron® - Sivoia® QS Wireless Shades

Sivoia QS Wireless communicates wirelessly with Grafik Eye, seeTouch, Pico, motion sensors, shades, and is scalable as your needs change.

Sivoia QS Wireless is the ultimate in convenient daylight control from Lutron!

It offers simple, scalable solutions for both new applications and retrofit installations. The Sivoia QS Wireless family of products includes roller shades, drapery tracks, skylight shades, and Roman shades.

  • Wireless means easier installation
  • Reliable Lutron-engineered radio frequency (RF) technology, Clear Connect™, ensures superior performance
Innovative design allows customizable placement of the new wireless Pico™ control. Use as a handheld remote, wall-mounted keypad, or place on a tabletop pedestal.

Sivoia QS Wireless Benefits

Easier installation
No communication wiring needed

New Pico wireless control offers more versatile control

Controls shades in one room, multiple rooms, or an entire home


  • Lutron utilizes it own Radio Frequency technology designed to be the most reliable in the industry
  • Low power frequencies - less interference from other devices and penetrates construction material more easily
  • RF coverage is not shared with other network traffic
  • Unique codes per household means co-located systems will never cross-talk
  • Performs "group commands" instantaneously due to distributed intelligence preprogrammed into systems devices

How does Sivoia QS Wireless work?

Sivoia QS Wireless powered products are all "wireless enabled" and arrive with a hidden Lutron RF receiver. The receiver enables the drive to receive RF communication from a Lutron Sivoia QS Wireless device, including a Pico control, wireless seeTouch™ keypad, A/V interface, or main repeater.

Quick set-up step assigns shade drive to the selected controller(s). A Sivoia QS Wireless system can be comprised of up to 100 devices. Devices have a 30 foot range - to extend beyond that range, use a repeater.

What are the control options?

Sivoia QS Wireless shading solutions can be controlled by a wireless Pico control or a wireless seeTouch® keypad as shown below. It can also be integrated via RS232 and Contact Closure.

Pico and seeTouch wireless controls are ideal for wireless retrofit.

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