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Benefits of Motorized Window Treatement Systems

There have been vast improvements in today's motorized window treatment systems. Like computer technology, window treatment systems technology has advanced exponentially over the last 10+ years. Most modern systems now have the ability to integrated with whole home automation systems, some even have the ability to be accessed anywhere in the world by computer or next generation mobile phone via IP.

Below we have listed a few key elements that are sometimes overlooked when deciding whether motorized window treatments are the correct fit for your project:

Energy Savings - With the correct window treatments you can help protect your home from excess sunlight and heat gain which in-turn will help protect your wallet against unnecessary cooling cost. Likewise, window treatments can also aid in heating costs by keeping heat in your home during winter months or by allowing sunlight in to effectively utilize natural energy. With motorized window treatments you have the availability of adding a timer or sun sensor to your home to take full advantage of the benefits of allowing or denying excess sunlight in even when you're away.

Protection - This is an issue that is too many times overlooked when designing your perfect interior. Sunlight, although helpful when utilized appropriately, can cause severe damage to your interior when not properly managed. Excess sunlight over time can be extremely harmful to expensive hard wood flooring, interior fabrics and furnishings, and decorative paintings and collectables just to name a few.

Tax rebate - With our politicians and governing bodies becoming more "Eco-Friendly", special tax credits and rebates are now being offered for having certain motorized window treatment systems in your business and your home.

Security - Help protect your vacation or secondary homes with automated window treatments by using a timer to operate treatments periodically to create a "Lived-in" look. Window treatments can also be integrated with home security systems to command the treatments to raise should the alarm be activated.

Comfort - With the touch of one button easily control multiple window treatments in a single room or throughout your home or business. This is an effortless way to reduce excess light glare and limit eye strain. By reducing light glare you can also increase the quality and clarity of any overexposed television set.

Convenience - Motorized window treatments help to simplify a sometimes daily routine of opening and closing your manual treatments. With modern homes and businesses architects are finding more and more ways of utilizing natural sunlight into the environment. This practice typically leads to not only having beautiful panoramic views, but also more windows, with a growing number of them being untraditionally shaped or hard to reach. Adding motorized control is a welcome alternative for these hard to reach or inaccessible windows and skylights.

Integration - Most modern motorized window treatment systems can be integrated with lighting, Audio/Video equipment, HVAC, sun sensors, computers, home and business automation systems, and many more. With all the available integration options you have the ability to control your entire living environment with the touch of a button. As a scenario, a keypad can be placed by your front door with a button labeled "Home". Pressing this one button can have your central air/heat go to your desired comfort level, lighting in main rooms turn on, window treatments go to a desired position, TV or AV equipment turn on, and much more.

Safety - Some manual treatments with pull and lift cords have long been considered a safety hazard for small children. Recent changes in legislature have tried to rectify this by enforcing stricter policies for manufacturers. However, by converting your manual system to a motorized system you will eliminate all hanging strings and objects, eliminating an unnecessary safety risk.

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