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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I combine different styles of treatments on the same system?

You can combine multiple styles, designs and voltages within the system and utilize the same central control.

2. I can not run communication wire from shade to shade. Will I have to aim the remote control at each window to get them to operate or will I have to open up my walls?

No, If communication wire can not be used due to the inability to run wires then we can use radio control.

3. How do integrate with my HA or A/V system?

Integration can be accomplished using contact closures, RS232, and or IR.

4. Can I use my home computer to control the shades?

Yes, with our RS232 module and software package you are able to control each shade or a room of shades. In addition, you can set scenes and operate the shades via timer using your computers internal clock.

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