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How It Works

How does motorization work?
Typically there are very few aesthetic differences between a motorized window treatment and a manual one; minus all of the cords and strings of course. The motors for the treatments are either concealed in a headrail (for wood blinds and cellular shades), behind the fabric (for draperies and roman shades), or are placed in the tube itself (for roller shades). Motors come in a variety of power options such as AC, DC (low voltage), and battery powered. AC power, or 110V - 120V, is the standard power output of most residential wall outlets in the U.S. This allows most AC systems to be plugged directly into a wall outlet if hardwiring is not an option. A DC power, or 12V - 24V, can also be plugged into a standard residential wall outlet with the assistance of an individual or group transformer. However a battery system would become an ideal solution if no power options such as a wall outlet or hardwiring were available. Battery systems typically run on 8AA batteries. We recommend the use of Lithium AA batteries as it helps to extend battery system life to anywhere from 1 - 3 years (depending upon usage).

What kind of control is available for a motorized system?
Whether it's AC, DC, or Battery powered, our systems offer a wide variety of control options. But first let's look at two of the most commons ways of control, IR (Infrared) and RF (Radio). An IR system works similar to your TV as you need to point a remote control in the general area of the sensor located on the TV. The same would be true with an IR window treatment. For an IR system you would need an IR sensor to receive the IR command. However, other controls for an IR system such as wall keypads and timers would need to be hardwired. As an alternative, we have RF (Radio). An RF system would more so resemble a common garage door opener in the fact that you do not need to point the opener in the direction of the garage door, but merely be in close proximity for it to operate. The same holds true for an RF window treatment wherein you would have a range of 30 - 60ft (repeating components are available to widen operational ranges) to operate the system. The RF signal will also transmit through walls and other obstructions. Additionally all control devices for a RF system such as wall keypads and timers would also work using radio frequencies and as such would be wireless as well.

What kind of control devices are available for a motorized system?
Our IR (Infrared) and RF window treatment systems both have similar control device options available. So let's discuss the general styles of controls starting with a remote control. A remote control is a wireless hand held control device. There are many styles of remote controls available including Universal remote controls which not only possess the power to control your window treatments, but will also control your TV and A/V (Audio & Video) equipment and many other IR devices found in your home as well. Another popular control device would be a wall-mounted keypad. A keypad offers similar attributes as a hand held remote but with the added feature of being stationary. That is to say once mounted, it will never be lost or misplaced which makes it an excellent choice for commercial projects. Timers and sun sensors also add additional control capabilities to a project. Timers allow for the setting of designated times in which window treatments open and or close (daily and weekly settings available). A sun sensor is an open or closed trigger which is controlled by the intensity of the sun. Once the light exceeds the programmable limit the sensor will close your window treatments. Then when the light subsides, the sensor will open the window treatments allowing the natural light in once again. Another form of control, and perhaps the most basic, would be a standard double throw wall switch. Further information about control devices can be found on our website by clicking here, or by contacting one of our sales representatives at 1866.44MOTOR(66867).

How can I integrate my new motorized window treatments with my Automation/Control system?
The majority of our systems can be integrated by the use of Contact Closure, RS232, RS485, and IP Networking. Contact Closure is a standard form of control which utilizes the closing of relays to trigger system commands. RS232 and RS485 will allow you to send complex commands via an automation/control system or standard PC. IP Networking devices are the new generation of system control. Short for Internet Protocol, IP Networking gives you the freedom to not only attach your system to a home or business network, but also allows you control through an internet web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) or by some next generation cellular phones.

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