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Quantum® & Hyperion™ Shading Solutions

Quantum total light management maximizes the efficient use of light to improve comfort and productivity, simplify operations, and save energy. This powerful and efficient system dims or switches all electric lighting, and simultaneously controls daylight using automated shades. Quantum easily integrates with building management systems. A solution for new construction and retrofits, Quantum is ideal for office buildings, hospitals, universities, and more.

Hyperion is an automated shading system that adjusts Sivoia® QS shades throughout the day based on the sun’s position. The shades reduce glare and solar heat gain in the space, creating a comfortable and productive work or learning environment. Hyperion maximizes the amount of available daylight entering a space, enhancing the energy saving potential of daylight harvesting lighting systems, and can also reduce energy costs associated with HVAC systems.

Click on the graphic below to learn more about these innovative and energy efficient light control systems.

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